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UAB Taktikos (Ltd) is a team of investigators, analysts, negotiators and business professionals providing qualified consulting, research and representation services to both businesses and private clients. We provide consultations on matters related to business, property and personal security, provide assistance in negotiations, represent our clients in resolving disputes, work with fraud prevention, and investigate cases of illegal activity.

We do what we know how to do best by following these principles:

  • Less talk, more action.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and trust..
  • Seeing challenges as opportunities.



According to our experience, almost 90% of companies have security vulnerabilities, but not all managers are aware of this. A small security gap can develop into a significant loss in the future, so it is important that even a small gap is identified and future losses of assets or goodwill loss are prevented.


What does this service cover?
Prior to the provision of the service, the company undergoes a business security audit that identifies potential threats and security vulnerabilities. An effective strategy is developed that reduces threats and maintains an adequate level of security (preventive measures such as asset protection, implementation of video surveillance systems, etc.).


Professionally selected and implemented security methods (latest technologies) allow companies to rationally allocate the security budget.

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